Heat Exchangers for your Every Need

We create unique builds that give customers a custom, more compact, and higher heat transfer coefficient option.
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Custom built for your every need.
We create unique builds that gives customers personalized Heat Exchangers for all their needs.
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Precision Manufacturing
Dedicated Engineers
Custom Solutions
Global Expertise
Reliable Technology
Decades of Experience
Maximize heat transfer with our Heat Exchangers
We create unique builds that give customers a HX option that has a higher heat transfer area, is more compact, and more affordable than competitors
Standard Heat Exchangers
Custom Heat Exchangers
Innovating Energy Efficient Solutions
Since we were founded, Thar Energy has been optimizing and perfecting sustainable solutions. Our path started with government grants, to working with top research institutions around the world, and has now led to Thar Energy offering these Heat Exchanger solutions to everyone.

Thar Energy's focus is the customer. We understand the value in space, green energy, and operating efficiently, all with the burden of cost on our mind. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the best solution for your needs.
Awards & Accolades
The Thar group of companies has received over 5 grants from various institutions. We have over 22 patents and even more pending.
Using Innovation and Renewable Energy
Thar is dedicated to the world and our customers. We’re utilizing our expertise on energy efficient solutions so that users across any industry can turn their operations green while reducing cost.
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3X More
10X More
Food & Beverage
Wood & Paper
Oil & Gas
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